Currency:Ugandan Shilling
Population:36.3 million
Exports:Tea, Cotton, Tobacco
and Sugar
Commodities:Plantains, Cassava, Potatoes, Sorghum, Corn, and Groundnuts
Languages:English, Luganda & Swahili

Our work in Uganda:

Africa Development Promise started working in the Nangabo Sub-county of Wakiso District of Uganda in 2015. What started as an initial project to improve and expand the mushroom cultivation operations of a women’s cooperatives has developed into much more. In four years the program has grown to support three women led agricultural cooperatives and three solar energy kiosks and enabled the members to thrive as members of economically independent, self-sufficient and sustainable enterprises. In addition, the program has a training center where community members are instructed in computer literacy, sewing and tailoring to enhance employability and offer alternative sources of income besides agriculture.

Featured Programs:

Strengthening Women’s Agricultural Cooperatives

Africa Development Promise currently supports three agricultural cooperatives in Uganda that produce a variety of crops —from indoor mushroom farming to outdoor farming of soy beans, cassava, sweet potatoes and maize…

Testing Solar Kiosk Energy Retail Sales Model

Africa Development Promise is piloting a solar energy retail sales model to meet the challenges of delivering affordable energy solutions to rural communities in the Wakiso District…

Empowerment through Skill Building

The Technical and Vocational skills program serves an “anchor” that grounds and strengthens the other Africa Development Promise programs. Through our training center we offer courses on basic and intermediate computer literacy and tailoring and sewing classes to interested community members…

Empower the rural women of Uganda

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