Strengthening Women’s Agricultural Cooperatives

Africa Development Promise currently supports three agriculturalcooperatives in Uganda that produce a variety of crops —from indoor mushroom farming to outdoor farming of soy beans, cassava, sweet potatoes and maize. In 2019, Africa Development Promise, in collaboration with University of Colorado’s IEEE Special Interest Group on Humanitarian Technology (SIGHT), will launch a data-enabled or climate […]

Yes, We Can cooperative

  Yes, We Can is a new Africa Development Promise supported cooperative located in Luwande – Ssayi, Gombe subcounty, Wakiso District. This ambitious group of twenty women and two men came together in 2017 with a single purpose – to collectively uplift their economic status and solve poverty related challenges for themselves and their community. They grow and sell maize, cassava, sweet potatoes, […]

Our Impact is spreading across Rwanda

Africa Development Promise’s (ADP) impact is spreading in the Bugesera District of Rwanda. The positive impact has been noticed by many, but more so by Turwayne Inzara Mu Ngo Zacu, an agricultural cooperative that neighbors an ADP-sponsored cooperative. In one short year the ADP-sponsored cooperative was thriving — it had constructed two greenhouses and their […]

Colorado Gives Day: December 5, 2017

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE ​ Support the work of Africa Development Promise on Colorado Gives Day Denver, CO (November 9, 2017) – Africa Development Promise invites Coloradans to support our efforts to boost women’s economic development and advance sustainable business in rural Rwanda and Uganda by donating to us on Colorado Gives Day, December 5, 2017. Presented […]

Story From Uganda: Small Gift, Big Impact

There are few opportunities to see firsthand the impact a simple donation has, to make significant change in a community. Africa Development Promise (ADP) coordinated its first African Exchange Tour for current and prospective donors, with the objective of showcasing its work with agricultural cooperatives in Uganda and Rwanda. Not having ever traveled to Africa, […]

Empowerment Through Skill Building

The Technical and Vocational skills program serves an “anchor” that grounds and strengthens the other Africa Development Promise programs. Through our training center we offer courses on basic and intermediate computer literacy and tailoring and sewing classes to interested community members. One of the advantages of the computer literacy courses is that it complements the […]

Testing Solar Kiosk Energy Retail Sales Model

Africa Development Promise is piloting a solar energy retail sales model to meet the challenges of delivering affordable energy solutions to rural communities in the Wakiso District. Using a micro-franchise model, Africa Development Promise provides entrepreneurial women groups the opportunity to own and operate a business that sells a range of solar home lighting products […]

Building a Sense of Place

Empowering rural women—the process of educating, training and developing their capacity both as individuals and/or institutions (cooperatives and partners). This is at the core Africa Development Promise’s mission and we are committed to seeing rural women reach their full potential as self-sufficient individuals. As our program has grown, it has become clear that the cooperatives […]

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