Empowerment Through Skill Building

The Technical and Vocational skills program serves an “anchor” that grounds and strengthens the other Africa Development Promise programs. Through our training center we offer courses on basic and intermediate computer literacy and tailoring and sewing classes to interested community members. One of the advantages of the computer literacy courses is that it complements the […]

Testing Solar Kiosk Energy Retail Sales Model

Africa Development Promise is piloting a solar energy retail sales model to meet the challenges of delivering affordable energy solutions to rural communities in the Wakiso District. Using a micro-franchise model, Africa Development Promise provides entrepreneurial women groups the opportunity to own and operate a business that sells a range of solar home lighting products […]

Building a Sense of Place

Empowering rural women—the process of educating, training and developing their capacity both as individuals and/or institutions (cooperatives and partners). This is at the core Africa Development Promise’s mission and we are committed to seeing rural women reach their full potential as self-sufficient individuals. As our program has grown, it has become clear that the cooperatives […]

Supporting Home-Grown Economic Initiatives

In just one year Turwanye Inzara Mu Ngo Zuca Cooperative (aka Let us fight hunger in our household) made up of 42 women and 22 men, has made tremendous progress through greenhouse-grown tomato production. With their Africa Development Promise supported greenhouse they have been able to provide a consistent supply of tomatoes to the markets […]

Building stable and sustainable water systems

Rwanda, also known as the Land of a Thousand Hills, has a landscape that is very challenging for productive agriculture. With climate change related droughts, floods and water scarcity, rural farmers are becoming increasing vulnerable and less able to move out of poverty. Among the cooperatives that Africa Development Promise supports, improved irrigation is a […]

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